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Bespoke Workshops 

Workshops or facilitated sessions/days specifically created to meet your challenges and opportunities are a big part of our work! Whether you need a better way of conceiving your 
strategy, new ways to build trust, communication tools, or your aren't even sure where to start... we can help. 

One thing we're also betting on is that for most of our clients — organizational and individual —  all or part of the the below workshops on transition and resilience will serve you at some point but most hard working humans will see them as a luxury. To that we say, treat yo-self... get the impact and the joy you deserve!

Building Compassionate Resilience 


Those who work in service to others and the greater good are often empathic — driven by their ability to feel and identify with the suffering of their clients. While empathy is a primary driver of work that serves, it can also be a significant part of the path to burnout and great suffering particularly when doing battle with seemingly intractable injustices.


Add to that the petty annoyances of the modern workplace — well-meaning humans grating on each other as humans sometimes do — and constant bombardment in the news of injustice, environmental degradation, and political vitriol. Just to get by, many of us begin to numb ourselves. Numbing can happen in a number of ways — chemical, technological, force of will, or a gradual decline into a ‘zone’ where very little can get through. While empathy alone can make us vulnerable and exhausted, numbing is a blunt instrument that dulls us — inhibiting our creativity, curiosity, strategic thinking, and our ability to connect with and enjoy our work serving others. In short, it makes us less and less effective at the work we value — at the work the world needs most.


This Building Compassionate Resilience workshop is tailored to the meet needs and challenges of your team and begins a process to face the suffering, find a way through it, and build compassion and resilience — which feels like joy! — all while you do the hard work that serves our world.


This workshop is not a luxury, it's a strategy for being bad ass by getting a handle on your ability to meet each other and the world differently. Work to build strength through compassion — to make ourselves better off while we serve — is an overwhelming necessity if we are to achieve the radical transformations needed to build a just world. 


If that is your work, message us below and let’s talk about how a Building Compassionate Resilience workshop can serve you.

Stepping into Transition 

This bespoke half day workshop is for 1-2 people or for a small group that will continue working together to support each other through a transition. We'll jump start whatever you are trying to create or change with 4-5 dedicated hours of coaching, reflection, and other activities tailored to what you are working with. 


This 'transition immersion' is designed to not only accelerate your process of change but also help you access new wisdom, insight, and clarity about how to get where you are trying to go as well as support you to capture the gifts of the transition and find joy throughout the process.  


This workshop can be followed up with periodic individual coaching sessions or work as a stand alone jump start. 


To see if this workshop is a fit for you, schedule a free one hour consultation below. 


What can we support you to learn or achieve? Where would you like to go next? 

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