What would help you have the most impact? 

Bespoke evaluations, coaching, listening tours, trainings, assessments, facilitation, and more can help you take the next step on a project or several big steps towards a big organizational shift. What do you need to know to make your next move?  

Organizational Strategies & Capacity/Context Assessments

What do you need to know about your organization or context to have more impact? What change to you need to manage? Do you have the right people doing the right things? Is communication a challenge? Are people excited to come to work? What's driving poor morale? How could you be learning and growing more? Bring us your problems and we'll work with you to design one size fits you solutions. 

Leadership Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Very few leaders get training in how to continually 'reset'​ their skills for new challenges. Coaching can help you and/or your team gain new perspective, develop greater executive presence, listen to each other more deeply, work more efficiently, make space for creativity and innovation, develop better staff management skills, and continuously grow as leaders. Plus, all of this makes easier to enjoy each other and your shared mission along the way!

Difficult Conversations

Friction, misunderstandings, diminished trust, and lack of the right communication tools undermine your work. With support you can stop avoiding or being sidelined by these challenges and instead use them as a catalyst for growth. What relationships need support for the work to be successful? 

Meeting Facilitation & Facilitation Coaching

Do you look forward to meetings? Do your meetings build community? Encourage creativity? Increase learning? Help staff recommit to the mission? What support or skills do you need to make this possible? What would make your meetings a gathering of brain power and enthusiasm? 

Team Building 

We are all part of teams. Sometimes those teams work and sometimes they don’t. Using Tetramap  and other tools, we support you to accelerate positive change and build strength by valuing and learning how to leverage differences. This isn't your rigid personality assessment or a half day of trust falls (though that might be nice) it’s a fun way to learn about and leverage the natural diversity of your team to creatively solve a range of organizational challenges. We're experienced working with remote teams so don't let the geography and time zones be an obstacle to building a communicative, collaborative, and resilient team. 

Problem Solving and Thought Partnership

Don't know where to start in getting your project or strategy off the ground or back on track? Complexity getting you down instead of creating more opportunities? One conversation might be all it takes to get you headed in the right direction. Ongoing project management, or other kinds of support designed specifically for your challenges can also a support you to make the contribution you know is most needed. 

What can we support you to learn or achieve? Where would you like to go next? 

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